This really interesting article just crossed my desk. It looks like Oracle’s latest SEC filing is a pretty good indication of massive layoffs still coming as a result of the SUN acquisition. There is no way to tell which part of the business the layoffs will be in but I wonder if MySQL is affected. MySQL is not exactly a cash cow for Oracle and the business seems to be drying up as many loyal MySQL customers are heading for alternative sources of support for MySQL. It is not really cool or fiscally responsible to get support for MySQL from Oracle as there is much better tallent pool and better terms to be gotten with independents like Percona and others who after all were the stars of MySQL team when there was a team. There are probably some anxious people on the development side of MySQL at Oracle as well. Layoffs are debilitating not only for the people who leave but also for the people who stay. I really feel for the team. The good part is that with key MySQL people out of Oracle there is a number of start up projects to take in good MySQL people. Monty Program AB, the original MySQL and now MariaDB people, Percona, Drizzle project at etc. And, if you have a bit of cash and time on your hands, you can always start yet another fork or contribute to MariaDB to keep your skills up and to give even more to the community. I was always fond of Monty’s Hacking Business Model. Not sure if it is actually good for the business but I have to think it would be a great atmosphere to work in.

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