If you are reading this blog you will notice that I have ads by Google and Amazon peppered throughout the blog. I am not doing this to earn revenue. If you must know, these ads bring less than $10/month. So, if you bought in to the hype that you can quit your day job and just live off blogging I suggest you adjust your expectations.

The reason I place the ads on the blog is to provide an opportunity for the vendors that support DB2 as well as authors that write about DB2 to get their stuff in front of you, the paying consumer. Consider this to be my meager attempt at an economic stimulus for the DB2 community. I hope Obama does better with his stimulus package.

But I digress. I do find that Google is reasonably good at matching the ads with the subject on my posts. For the longest time Amazon was also doing quite well. However, lately, I notice that Amazon sometimes really gets off topic and completely mismatches its offers to what I am blogging about.

Amazon advertisements do not match the content of the blog

Amazon advertisements do not match the content of the blog

Consider this banner that appears next to my blog on the success of the iPhone 3GS and availability of DB2 for Apple Mac. I have nothing against Canon’s fine cameras but they are not produced by Apple and have little to do with the iPhone or AT&T. I also don’t consider Glen Beck to be an authority on databases and he is way too far to the right to claim an exclusive on common sense in my humble opinion. Last I checked Michael Jackson, may he wrest in piece, did not sing about DB2 or any of the free databases, so why are these ads placed on a blog that does not talk politics (left or right), photography or pop culture? Has Amazon lost its ability to query site content and match it to the advertisement inventory? Or is this Amazon conspiracy to just advertise what sells?

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