Big Data generator Over the last year I have shifted a lot of my time and attention to the world of big data on and off the cloud (mostly on the cloud). There are a lot of striking statistics about what drives the volume of data now a days. One statistic I like a lot is an airliner engine generating 10TB of data for every 30 minutes of operation. That means that a 4-engine aircraft traveling from London to New York will generate roughly 640TB of data on that one flight alone.
The most fascinating part about this statistic is not the sheer volume of data that is generated but the fact that it is gone about 90 minutes after the flight.

I just saw this new statistic. And it does not impress with the volume of data that is generated but rather just how much our society has changed in the last 12 years and the potential impact. Simon Khalaf is the CEO of Flurry, a mobile app analytics company, in his address of the Ignition West Conference he told the crowd that In 1999, there were 38 million broadband Internet users worldwide. Today, there are 1.2 billion people getting broadband Internet access on their phones. Yes, one out of every seven on our planet now has broadband connectivity on their mobile phone. If you account for children and seniors, that is probably one out of every six.

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