Update: We received an unprecedented level of interest in this webinar. As a result, we have ran out of capacity for the online screencast participation. However, we have been able to provision additional telephone line capacity and we are making materials available for download. Registration for participation by telephone are now open again at http://bit.ly/gKBrSy.
DB2 delivers a knock out punch to Oracle
My all time most read posts are about comparing DB2 Express-C and Oracle XE. Even though the first comparison was done way back in June 2008 this blog still gets hits on it every day. As popular as they are, these comparisons do not compare the technical architecture of DB2 and Oracle. So, I am hoping that this upcoming webcast will satisfy the need for deep technical comparison. This will not be a marketing pitch of why DB2 is better than Oracle; just a side-by-side compare and contrast look at the architecture. If you are at all interested in the subject, I recommend that you register for this free webinar teleconference as the space is filling up very fast.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011
Time: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Many database professionals and DBAs often ask how DB2 and Oracle compare architecturally, that is, how they are different and similar at their core. They also ask what are the equivalent concepts, names, commands etc. in the other database system. This free webinar will answer those questions by covering the following topics in detail:

– Server architecture comparison (e.g. instances and database model, process vs. thread)
– Memory architecture comparison (e.g. Oracle SGA & PGA vs. DB2 instance, database and application memory)
– Parameters, environment variables and registry variables
– Database storage model comparison (e.g. table space types and layouts, compression approaches)
– Basic database administration comparison (e.g. terminology, create database, start/stop, dictionary vs. system catalog, performance)
– Compatibility mode for running Oracle applications with DB2

Attending this webcast teleconference would be valuable for you whether you are an Oracle professional and looking to learn more about DB2 (for Linux, Unix and Windows), or work in a heterogeneous environment and looking to expand your DBMS knowledge, or simply interested in enhancing your database skills for improving your career prospects. Join Sal Vella and Burt Vialpando on Thursday Mar 31, 2011, at 12:30 PM Eastern to learn more.

Register to attend:

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