I couple of weeks ago I blogged about my impressions of Safari 4 beta for Windows. I have to say that I was very impressed with its features and the thought that went in to making it a great web browser that it is.

As with most people who use Windows, I also use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7). Last week Microsoft released a long awaited update to IE i.e. IE 8 (you got to love all of these IEs 🙂 ). I’ve subjected it to a daily (and nightly) use on my Windows XP and I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality. I have not spent much time learning the new features and concentrated on the stability. So far it has been rock solid on a wide variety of web sites and applications. Where IE7 would freeze up on a busy or memory constrained Windows, IE8 simply puts up a message that it is experiencing connectivity issues. A refresh of the page fixes it right up. Not ideal but much better than having all of your browser windows lock up and crash.

So, I still think that Safari 4 is way cool and would be the best browser for Windows … if it worked reliably. However, if you are using IE7 now, and if you are using Windows how can you not be, you really should get IE8.  The upgrade is a simple visit to the Windows Update site.

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