Toronto Hadoop User Group: Why Join?

Our team is getting deeply involved in the Big Data in general and Hadoop in particular. Being community-minded people, we looked around for established Hadoop communities in Toronto area to see if we could attend meetups. Our search did not yield any appreciable results so we decided to take action and to form a user group. This is how Toronto HUG was born and as of today we have 21 members or “Toronto HUGers”.  21 members for a city like Toronto is not the right number; not by a long shot. Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America and is a Canadian financial, insurance, retail hub. And have a vibrant start-up community. Not to mention that cities like Waterloo with its high-tech companies are a stone throw away.  We should have a great deal of interest in Hadoop and Big Data. I am thinking 300-500 should be the right number of members for the Toronto Hadoop User Group.

Toronto Hadoop User Group logo

People want to know why they should join, so, I put together this “Top 5” list. Feel free to comment and add to it, pas it along to others, but most important, join Toronto HUG.

Reason number 5 to join Toronto Hadoop User Group: Hadoop is Hot Hot Hot!

Popularized by leading internet companies such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Hadoop is quickly becoming the de-facto way of analyzing internet-scale volumes of data. Companies in virtually every sector are looking at how they can leverage Hadoop. Retail, financial services, insurance, transportation, utilities are looking to Hadoop for supply chain optimization, customer sentiment analysis, fraud detection, risk analysis, sensor data monitoring and analysis etc.

Reason number 4 to join Toronto Hadoop User Group: It will be good for your career

Being on top of developments in your industry has never been a bad thing for a career. Being on top of really hot technologies like Hadoop must be a good thing. There are precious few people out there who can even spell its name. Those that can help companies derive value from it stand to benefit a great deal. You will move towards the front of the pack.

Reason number 3 to join Toronto Hadoop User Group: You will be in good company

We are looking for like-minded individuals to attend meetups, share experiences and to learn from each other. We want to learn what others are doing and we want to understand what not to do. Most important, we want to have fun doing it. I hope we can keep the format as informal as possible, exchange as frank and direct as possible and our attitudes as open and as welcoming as they can possibly be. It does not matter if you wrote a book on Hadoop or still learning what the name Hadoop means; everyone is welcome.

Reason number 2 to join Toronto Hadoop User Group: You will get stuff

We love vendors especially those who want to sponsor. I’ll do my part to make sure that IBM is generous and is able to help with meeting facilities, refreshments and giveaways (books, door prizes? ). I am hoping we will get others vendors to pitch in. Besides traditional giveaways, I am really looking to vendors to bring subject matter experts to attend and present as knowledge is the best “stuff” you can hope to get.

… and the number 1 reason to join Toronto Hadoop User Group: It is FREE

Need I say more?

If you need more reason to join, please comment on this post. But if I made my case, go to the  Toronto Hadoop User Group’s home on the web and join. And don’t forget to share with others. Use the buttons below to post to Facebook, tweet, email or use whatever your favorite way of sharing is.

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