“The Great Cloud Computing Deception” is what I wanted to call the webinar that we (IBM) will be doing on July 28 jointly with xkoto. But since we wanted to be civil we settled on a more politically correct “Scalability in the Cloud: Fact or Fiction?” for a title.

Cloud Computing has a lot of promise. If you listen to the cheerleaders (at times myself included) it will cure cancer, eliminate hunger and global warming. I am starting to think that the hype around Cloud Computing has gotten out of hand and it actually threatens the success of this very promising direction in IT. Don’t take me wrong, I am not disillusioned in the Cloud. Quite the opposite; I am as bullish on it as I ever was but I think we need to inject a dose of reality and we need to acknowledge that to be successful with Cloud Computing you need to do more than just sign up for an account with Amazon Web Services and pay 10 cents per hour for your server.

One of the most hyped and the least understood attributes of the Cloud is “elasticity” or in other words ability to get compute capacity when you need it on a moments notice and to pay only for the capacity that you actually used. This is indeed a fantastic feature and for some it will result in thousands or even millions in cost savings and more agile IT. That is – if it can be achieved – and it is one big “IF” and it is precisely the subject of this webinar. So come join us for an hour on July 28 in the conversation on this topic. We will have Ariff Kassam, co-founder and CTO of xkoto, Rav Ahuja our IBM DB2 Cloud Computing Product Manager, Paul Lapointe, Solutions Architect from xkoto and me (Leon Katsnelson) share our opinions, do a demonstration and answer questions or engage in a debate if time permits. You can register free of charge here.

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