One morning I was driving with my teenage daughters when we were passing by an interesting looking statue. My daughter found the statue intriguing so she asked me what it represents. I told her it was Don Quixote. To my great surprise I got a blank stare. It is a shame that our school curriculum does not teach classics. So, I proceeded to tell the story of a noble Don Quixote and his fight of a just but unwinnable battle against imaginary foes.

As I was telling the story, an idea popped in to my head. I realized that modern day IT is also tilting at the windmills, fighting the just battle that can’t be won often against imaginary enemies. For as long as I can remember, I have heard the story of the “application backlog” as a reference to the long list of upcoming projects, which in essence illustrates IT’s inability to satisfy the demands of the business users. IT is challenged with moving the business forward yet it is completely consumed by simply keeping the existing applications running – keeping the lights on so to speak. IT vendors have always plied solutions that are supposed to greatly improve efficiency of the IT staff. In my opinion, simply improving efficiency is not the answer – at least not a complete one. The world of IT is like a vacuum. Any freed up capacity will be instantly consumed by the new demands.

There has to be another answer. The area that holds the most promise, in my opinion, is empowering line of business users to help themselves. We are in the age of “Consumerization of IT”. By the year 2015 – in two short years – 50% of the workforce will be millennials. These are technology savvy workers who do not require the same level of IT support as previous generations did. What they need is access to the right tools and data not patronizing processes.

On November 4, 2013 at the IOD Conference we are going to make available for early access BLU Acceleration for Cloud. This is a self-service data warehousing and business intelligence and analytics solution. It is built on the premise of empowering business users with the tools and access to data they need to win in the market. It frees data out of “data jail” that many enterprise data warehouses have become yet it lets IT retain control and ensure security and compliance. I like to think of BLU Acceleration for Cloud as democratizing data warehousing and analytics – capabilities that have traditionally been available to a privileged few.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting a series of blog posts describing BLU Acceleration for Cloud but if you want to sneak a peek now, point your browser to