I am about to get on an airplane to go to Vienna Austria where I will participate in the anual International DB2 User Group (IDUG) EMEA Conference. Vienna is a great city (too bad the forecast calls for rain) and the IDUG conference is in a perfect spot in Vienna. There will be copious consumption of beer Wiener Schnitzel and apple strudel chased by excellent coffee. Coffee was actually introduced to Europe via Vienna but I digress.
As great as Vienna is, I am not going to travel half way around the world and suffer from jetlag just to get some Wiener Schnitzel. IDUG is a great conference and I am proud to have presented at almost every North American and European IDUG Conference since about 1996. It is not as big as IOD conference we had last week with over 10000 attendees but that is OK. The scope is much smaller as IDUG only deals with DB2 and not an immense product and services portfolio of the IBM Information Management. Every time I attend IDUG I am humbled by just how much experience and deep skill many of hte members bring with them to share. And while I love seeing my old (we are all getting older) friends I am also looking forward to seeing a lot of new faces. It is the job of my team to bring new people to DB2 and I was delighted to see a very large number of new attendees at IDUG North America this year. Fantastic! I hope this experience will be repeated in Vienna.

DB2 Express-C: free databases have never been so good

At the conference I will be presenting and participating in various birds of a feather sessions. In keeping with my focus on getting new people to DB2 I will be presenting a session on DB2 Express-C. DB2 Express-C has been hugely successful in bringing the goodness of DB2 to a much broader audiences but it has also been widely adopted by DB2 professionals as their own personal DBMS to prototype and develop on. It has proven to be especially useful for DB2 for z/OS DBAs and programmers. We have been offering DB2 Express-C since 2006 but there has been so much new stuff lately that I want to tell people about I’ve had a very hard time keeping the number of slides to a manageable number. There is a ton of new function and new deployment options like Lotus Foundation Server and the Cloud.

DB2 on the Cloud

Cloud Computing and DB2 is the subject of another session I will be presenting in Vienna. I was going to present the same material I presented at IDUG North America in May. However, this space is evolving so fast, I had to put together a completely new material. I’ve been in the IT industry for 25 years and I can honestly say that Cloud Computing is the most exciting and relevant topic I had a pleasure to work on in these 25 years. If your 9:45-10:45 on Thursday November 11 is open come to this session.

DB2 Connect: new and rediscovered gems

Last but not least, (actually, I will be presenting this session first on Monday morning) , I will be presenting on DB2 Connect. I am sometimes known as the father of DB2 Connect since I’ve been on this product since the very beginning i.e. 1993. DB2 Connect is ubiquitous in mainframe shops where it is used to connect applications running on distributed platforms  to the mainframe data. In essence, DB2 Connect is what makes DB2 for z/OS in to an enterprise database server as opposed to a mainframe DBMS. There is tons of new function in DB2 Connect and many hidden gems that have been in the product for a while. If this is your area of interest, come to this session on Monday Nov. 8 at 11:30.

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