Last week I blogged about the early experience program for the next version of DB2 that lets people experience the next version of IBM DB2 database without having to find a server, install and patch operating system or even install DB2. This is possible through the magic of Cloud Computing. In this post I talked about how we greatly improved the overall experience of the program for participants in Europe and Asia. One of the great advantages of running things in the cloud is that you get to decide where you want to place your server. For example, you can decide that since you are located in India, you woud prefer your server to be somewhere not too far say Singapore instead of North Virginia in the US.
Choice of clouds for DB2
Today, Amazon Web Services announced that they have opened a new data center in Japan. RightScale, our partner for cloud management, also announced their support for the new Japan cloud. This set the stage for us to expand DB2 Early Experience program and let our Japanese participants to choose Amazon cloud in Japan as the place to deploy their DB2 servers.
I continue to be amazed how quickly the world is changing. The fact that I am sitting here in Australia can launch a server in Japan, Singapore or Ireland or United States in just a few minutes never to have talked to anyone or negotiated any contracts is simply amazing. If you want to participate in the IBM DB2 Early Experience program in Japan or any place else in the world, fill out this simple application.

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