The next International DB2 User Group conference will be held in the Eternal City, Rome Italy. If you have never been to Rome, you must go and if you have been there before you know you have to return. And what better reason than to attend IDUG Europe and to learn your DB2 skills from the experts and network with your colleagues. Check out this Advance Program for this conference.

Build your own personal itinerary right on the site and make sure to include session F02 How Cloud Computing will Save DBA Jobs. I will be presenting this session on Monday October 2 1:30 – 2:30. I will do my best to provide good insight in to Cloud Computing and I promise it will be quite different from what you may have heard or read. Expect to see some really cool live demonstrations and hear about things that you can use immediately, not 3 years from now.

Hope to see you in Rome !

PS. If you are a fan of the Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons novelor the Angels and Demons movie based on the book, you can visit many of the places mentioned  in the book with an organized tour. There are many tour companies in Rome that are capitalizing on the popularity of the book.

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