A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the coincidence in the release date for the iPhone 3GS and the new release of DB2 v9.7. I was in New York on the iPhone 3GS launch date and dropped by the Apple store before it opened just to see what the lineups would be like. I did not find the sea of people I was expecting so I thought this was a ho-hum launch for the iPhone. Imagine my surprise when I saw this article that claims that according to internal AT&T memo iPhone 3GS broke a bunch of sales records including best ever sales in a day in the AT&T stores and most transactions processed by AT&T IT systems and the busiest day ever for their website. I wonder if they run on DB2?

Speaking of Apple and DB2, I know many of you expressed disappointment on Antonio Cangiano’s blog about the fact that DB2 for Mac OS X is still at version 9.5. We are also very disappointed that we could not release DB2 for Mac on the same day as other platforms. I want to assure you that we committed to providing DB2 for those of you who love Apple Mac (this includes many of us as well). It is going to take some time for us to get it out but be assured it will be there. Meanwhile, DB2 Express-C v9.5 is still available for the Apple Mac OS X Leopard and it is a very capable database. While v9.7 delivers a number of very important enhancements, v9.5 is going to remain the workhorse for many DB2 customers for many years to come. There is no reason to wait for the new version, download DB2 for Mac v9.5.2 today. Oh, and you should know that DB2 runs especially well on the gorgeous Apple MacBook Pro 17-Inch Laptop
(OK, it runs well on just about any Mac but don’t you need a reason to buy a MacBook Pro 🙂 ).

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