I am not very good at impressions so I am going to spare you my curious reader the pain and agony of me doing this famous line from one of my favorite movies. I will cut right to the chase. Next week about 6000 people are going to gather in Las Vegas at the IBM IOD conference. Those of you that have an opportunity to go will find a lot of excellent session to choose from but none of them can compare to  BOF-2502A DB2 – Free as in Beer on Wednesday October 29 6-7pm. You get to meet a number  us from the DB2 Express-C team (I know, not the biggest draw …). You get to ask any question you want and share your experiences with other freeloaders financially prudent individuals and you also get to free beer (or wine for the more sophisticated) and snacks. it does not get any better than that. Besides, what else is there to do in Vegas if not drink free beer and chat about DB2 Express-C 🙂

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