I blogged about Hadoop Programming Challenge on Big Data University and an opportunity to not only get free Hadoop education but also an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. We have had 1400 students take the required Hadoop Fundamentals course. And we have been genuinely impressed with both what many of the students have been able to learn and the creativity of some of the Hadoop Programming Contest submissions. The submissions range from analysis of global warming, to dealing with terror threats to analysis of bra cup sizes. We are not passing judgement on the value of the solution to society … just creative use of Hadoop to solve big data challenges.

We also received a great deal of requests to extend the challenge to give people a bit extra time to get their submissions in or to enhance what they’ve already submitted. it was a very difficult decision that we debated extensively. In the end, we listened and we are extending the submission deadline by another week. The new deadline for submissions is Monday, October 10th 11:59pm PST. If you have submitted on time for the original deadline, have no fear. We will, make sure that your timeliness gets proper consideration.