It is hard to believe but it has been a year since we first made DB2 available on the Amazon EC2 cloud. In Cloud Computing this is an eternity. It has been quite the ride. As I look back at the success that DB2 has enjoyed on the Amazon EC2 cloud I am amazed as just wrong the critics were when we first started. Of all of the Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that IBM has made available DB2 is the the one that people purchase the most. As a matter of fact, more than all of the other products combined. Take a look at the ever expanding portfolio of the IBM products on Amazon EC2 below. Each one is the leader in its segment of the market … all available on the cloud. This means that you can stand up complex enterprise IT configurations without a capital budget and to pay only for the resources that you are using while you are using them. Perfect for proof of concepts, learning, experimentation, prototyping etc. And yes, you can take this all the way to production but that is a subject for another post.

IBM DB2 Express Edition (32-bit) ami-74e00d1d ami-09ffd47d
IBM DB2 Workgroup Edition (64-bit) ami-fbffd48f ami-fbffd
IBM Informix Dynamic Server Express (32-bit) ami-7451b31d ami-53e2c927
IBM Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup (64-bit) ami-1051b379 ami-45e2c931
IBM Lotus Forms Turbo (32-bit) NEW! ami-35d3305c ami-a65f74d2
IBM Lotus Web Content Management Standard Edition (64-bit) ami-6c55b205 ami-04cee670
IBM Mashup Center 2.0 (32-bit) ami-fef01297 ami-bd0922c9
IBM Tivoli Monitoring on Linux – 50 Virtual Cores (32-bit) NEW! ami-5048a839 ami-2c745f58
IBM Tivoli Monitoring on Linux – 200 Virtual Cores (32-bit) NEW! ami-5248a83b ami-2e745f5a
IBM Tivoli Monitoring on Linux – 600 Virtual Cores (32-bit) NEW! ami-064cac6f ami-28745f5c
IBM WebSphere Application Server (32-bit) NEW! ami-1000e279 ami-27123953
IBM WebSphere sMash (32-bit) NEW! ami-6776950e ami-8c2d06f8
IBM Lotus Web Content Management Standard Edition/IBM WebSphere Portal Server (64-bit) ami-6f55b206 ami-1acee66e
IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.0 on Linux NEW! ami-a046a4c9 ami-c3edc6b7

In addition to publishing AMIs on Amazon EC2, we also partnered up with RightScale, the leader in cloud provisioning and management to help DB2 customers provision and manage their DB2 instances on the Amazon cloud. When I say that RightScale is the “leader” I really mean it. Take a look at the number of servers RightScale launched for their customers. It was at 885,711 when I was typing up this blog. They have a bet going on when the number will roll over one million servers. I bet it is going to be within a couple of months at the rate they are growing. We have created a number of what RightScale calls “templates” that help you stand up a DB2 server with a particular configuration in no time (well, about 4-5 minutes). We have templates that will just get you a basic DB2 Express-C server on either Ubuntu or CentOS (on the Amazon cloud of course). We also have template that will get you a Ruby on Rails application server with connectivity to your DB2 Express-C server. We even have templates that will give you a complete Content Management System based on RadiantCMS in about 5 minutes. Basically, in less than 5 minutes you can have create web presence that is backed by DB2, the same DBMS that is trusted by worlds largest organizations for their most critical data. And the best part is that it si completely free and you don’t need to have an advanced degree in DB2. It is really easy and RightScale interface makes it a breeze.

Cloud Computing is hot hot hot. If you are in to databases, there is no easier or cheaper way to try it out than by using DB2. You can use either the AMIs that we have on the Amazon EC2 or by getting a free account on RightScale. If you choose to use Amazon AMIs do take a look at this excellent tutorial written by Rav Ahuja, and Bradley Steinfeld, experts in Cloud Computing. If you are going to IDUG North America Conference in Tampa be sure to attend session E06: DB2 in the Cloud: The hottest topic for 2010.

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