Hadoop Programming Challenge: 4 days left

Ever since we announced Hadoop Programming Challenge we have had a flood of new students (7194) registering at the BigDataUniversity and a lot (1222) of people enrolling in the Hadoop Fundamentals I course.  But don’t take my word for it, check the numbers out for yourself.

Gaming Hadoop

We have been surprised not just by the numbers but also by the persistence and ingenuity of the people looking to become one of the three to go to the IOD Conference in Las Vegas. A number of people have gone as far as to register on BigDataUniversity with multiple ids and take the Hadoop Fundamentals I course several times. They are doing so, in hope of being able to submit multiple projects for the Hadoop Programming Challenge. I am writing this post to tell you that there is no need to go to all this trouble to “game the system”. We are happy to receive multiple submissions from a single individual. We fully expect that after completing the Hadoop Fundamentals course you will continue to develop and refine your skills. This is why you get to keep all of the study materials and the software used in the Hadoop course. As you get more proficient at Hadoop, you will be able to tackle more interesting and more sophisticated projects. That is understandable and we love it! So, go ahead, submit your first basic project and send us the more sophisticated implementations as you build them. If you feel that you want to take the course again even though you passed the final test, go ahead and do so. There is no need to register with another email. At BigDataUniversity.com, we don’t focus on grades … we are here to help you build your Hadoop and big data skills.

Looking forward to buying a drink to 3 Hadoop Programing Challenge participants at the IOD in Vegas!

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