There is a very famous proverb “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. The meaning … don’t be ungrateful when you receive a gift. That may be sound advice, but we will ignore it all the same in the upcoming DB2Night Show episode on Friday December 4 at 11am Eastern, 10am Central, 9am Mountain, 8am Pacific. Who wakes up at 8am to tune in to a  “Night show” at 8am anyway? This may be presumptions of me, but I think anyone interested in databases or cloud computing should. Or anyone who wants to get a $50 voucher for use of the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Dont look gift horse in the mouth

Don't look gift horse in the mouth

First of all, the DB2Night Show is a terrific program that Scott Hays of dbi has started earlier this year.  DB2Night Show has had six episodes so far and it gets better with each one.  During episode #7, we will be doing direct comparison of of very popular FREE database products and who does not like free stuff. But since I started with a proverb, I will continue with another one “you may get what you paid for”. We will take a look at why this may or may not be true with DB2 Express-C and Microsoft SQL Server Express. I will throw in a bit of Oracle XE and MySQL in just to make it more interesting. With the pending acquisition of MySQL by Oracle, how can I not? This will be no holds barred compare but I am not going to sling mud, I will try to be as fair as I can be but I will admit going in to it that I am biased. DB2Night Show has audience participation so I hope people in the audience will keep me honest. I am not big on nebulous concepts like TCO (isn’t this just a euphemism for “high price” anyway) so we will talk about things that really matter.

Cloud Computing is red hot. Some have likened in importance to the invention of the microprocessor. Just as every other technology before it it is riding the hype curve that will undoubtedly come down and will make it fall short of expectations. But the expectations are so high that even if Cloud Computing were to deliver 10% of the benefits it promises we will be better for it. If you follow this blog, you know I am a huge fan of Cloud Computing. So much so, I’ve pretty much committed my career to it. On the DB2Night Show, we will talk about Cloud Computing  from the practical point of view and how it applies to databases like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc. If you think just because you work for a federal government, a bank, an insurance company or a health care provider cloud computing does not apply to you, think again. These are exactly the types of the organizations that are leading the charge to cloud computing and stand to benefit the most from Cloud Computing. There is a lot of misunderstanding about databases and the cloud and I will try to clear some of that up. It is still way too early to make any judgment calls but we have pleasantly surprised and very happy with the uptake of DB2 in both Amazon EC2 cloud and IBM’s own Developer Cloud. I hope I can talk about this without disclosing too much information and getting fired :-).

Most important, if you stick around till the end of the episode will give you a $50 voucher towards the usage of the Amazon EC2 cloud. At the current 8.5 cents for compute hour that will get you a DB2 server for 588 hours or about 3 months to run a DB2 server for an entire work day. And you don’t even have to put it towards DB2, but why would you want to use it for anything else! So, you get to listen about free stuff and get $50 in the process. What are you waiting for … go register and we will see you this Friday December 4th at 10am Central.