Yesterday in a post about JRuby team leaving SUN and Oracle I mentioned that we on the IBM DB2 love Ruby on Rails. Those who attend Microsoft and IBM conferences may have seen us evangelizing DB2 support for Microsoft .NET development platform. I know it may come as a shock for many, but DB2 really does have an absolutely amazing support for .NET programmers by providing bot the drivers but even more important, tools that are fully integrated in to Visual Studio .NET. If you are a professional .NET programmer or just dabble in .NET, you really should give these tools a try.

We have lots of customers who use this capability but most of our customers are very shy (they have lawyers) when it comes to publicity. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I came across this article in the Credit Union Times (no, I don’t subscribe) that talks about how Fiserv, a major financial services company, moved to DB2 and .NET.

Since I started to talk about about .NET tools, I should mention that these tools are absolutely free just like DB2 Express-C and you can get them at the same place as the DB2 Express-C. Just be sure to click on DB2 Add-ins for Visual Studio.