Larry Ellison is always a master of spin. Right now he is applying his considerable skill to hasten the completion of the acquisition of SUN. SUN, according to Larry, is bleeding US$100 million a month. If European Commission continues for probe his intentions around MySQL he stands to loose whatever is left of SUN. So, Larry Ellison does what Larry Ellison does best i.e. make outrageous statements in the press. His latest is “Oracle does not compete with MySQL”.  I think Larry Ellison and European Union really need to see what MySQL website says:

MySQL Enterprise Unlimited competes with Oracle

MySQL Enterprise Unlimited directly competes with Oracle

I think that European Union has a valid concern. It is too bad that that DOJ in the US chose to focus on Java and completely ignore the implications on MySQL. I said it before, my bet is that MySQL inside of Oracle is a dead duck. MySQL’s future is outside of Oracle and in the world of open source with its true masters.

I admit that being a DB2 guy I am biased against Oracle, but there is genuine fear and uncertainty in the MySQL community in regards to the future of MySQL.


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