It is a small improvement but for those of us who do not like to fill out forms it is an important one. Starting today, you no longer have to register for an IBM ID to download DB2 Express-C for free. Up until today if you wanted to download DB2 Express-C and you have not had an IBM ID you had to spend some time filling out a form to register with the IBM website and to get the IBM ID to use on future visits. This is a good thing to do if you frequently download things from IBM. However, most of the DB2 Express-C downloaders are new to working with IBM and they really don’t want to spend the time filling out forms. We listened to your feedback and simplified the download process. You still have to provide your name, email and country but that is all. This information is required to comply with export requirements. When you decide to download DB2 Express-C you will see this page:

No IBM ID download 

Once you click on “Proceed without an IBM ID” you will see a form like this one:

What information needs to be povided for No IBM ID download 

This is it. Hopefully you will find this process to be simpler and will encourage your friends and colegues to download and experience DB2 Express-C. And just as a reminder, it is completely free and has no time bombs or other annoying restrictions. 

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