I am always envious of the people who live in Silicon Valley. It is not the California weather that I crave though it is nice. If you like technology there never seems to be a shortage of meetups, conferences and all around interesting events. There is just such a high concentration of talent that you can’t help it but almost absorb this knowledge by osmosis. We in Toronto are trying to get Toronto Hadoop Usergroup meetups going (please join and spread the word) but it seem to be a bit harder than it is for the people in the valley.

Next week (June 13-14, 2012) there is Hadoop Summit hosted by Yahoo and Hortonworks. Agenda and speaker list looks really good. I wish I was going. Than, right after, IBM is inviting people over for a free (breakfast and lunch provided) Big Data Developer Day. Again, agenda looks good and the people are the leaders of the IBM development team for Big Data. Lots of demos and about 3 hours to spend doing hands-on labs. Our team will be preparing cloud systems to run these labs so people don’t have to waste time setting up their laptops. I am sure it will be a great day. If you are in the Silicon Valley and can spare your Friday June 15, I recommend you register as the number of participants is limited.