Today was the first day of the Cloud Computing Expo in New York. I’ve been trying to twitt about it as the conference progresses so if you follow me on twitter you will get snippets live as they happen.

The keynote speaker today was Dr. Werner Vogels is Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at With nearly half a million customers, Amazon Web Services is the most recognizable name when it comes to Cloud Computing. Amazon, it seems overnight, has morphed itself from a web retailer in to a key provider of IT infrastructure. So, it is no surprise that the keynote was well attended. As a matter of fact, many of us had to huddle around the TV screens out in the hallways because there was not enough room to accommodate everyone in the big ballroom.

I thought that Werner Vogels did a good job introducing cloud computing and the examples of the Amazon customers that he chose were quite good. The big surprise for me came when he talked about the importance, for Cloud Computing, of innovative business models and he specifically singled out DB2. He talked about the 3 ways we offer DB2 for Cloud Computing deployment. Because cloud computing is so new, people are not looking to invest large sums of money in to software licenses; not in today’s’ economy. So, we do offer free DB2 Express-C that anyone can use to get their database in the cloud. We will also be offering an ability to get DB2 (and IDS) on a pay-as-you-go basis i.e. you will be able to pay only for what you use. And lastly, we allow our customers to deploy their existing DB2 and IDS licenses in to the cloud. This is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to expand from on-premises to the Cloud for some workloads. One of the very popular workloads is development and test systems. With this pricing model DB2 customers may continue to run their production DB2 servers on premises but scale out their development and test infrastructure in the cloud.

Tomorrow’s keynote is by Dr. Kristof Kloeckner, IBM CTO, Enterprise Initiatives and Vice President Cloud Computing Platforms. This should be good.