Recently the folks at Canonical and RedMonk did a survey on the state of the Ubuntu world. You can find the survey results here but I suggest you start with the Stephen O’Grady’s (RedMonk) Q&A on it here. If you have followed Linux at all it will not be a big surprise that Ubuntu is really big as a Linux desktop. The really interesting result of the survey was the observation that Ubuntu has become a major server OS. We noticed it too and that is why we have DB2 validated on Ubuntu. DB2 has been on validated for Ubuntu for a while. That s version 7.10 of Ubuntu. Recently we validated Ubuntu 8.04 and it is now one of 3 recommended Linux environments. Why 8.04? 8.04 is what is known as Long Term Support release. This means that Canonical will be providing updates and fixes for Ubuntu servers until April 2013. And since database people typically value stability above all else recommending Ubuntu 8.04 LTS just makes sense. As a matter of fact, Canonical has recently released its second maintenance release for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. If you are looking for a Linux distro to run DB2, Ubuntu v8.04 LTS deserves to be at the top of the list.

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