Today is a really great day for those who like IBM DB2 and especially those who like to get it free of charge. Earlier today we released DB2 Express-C, the free version of the IBM DB2 DBMS, to the world. We made it available for immediate download and we also made it available on the cloud in the RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace. Don’t get scared by the word “Marketplace”. DB2 Express-C is still free of charge and just as before it can be used to run production applications and even be embedded in to your own solutions.

Why get DB2 Express-C v10? This release is full of new features and it runs faster. And did I mention that it is still free :-). let me mention just a few new features. First, you can now use twice the memory i.e. 4GB. In previous releases you had to pay for DB2 Express license to get 4GB of memory and now you get it in the free DB2 Express-C product. If you do upgrade to the paid DB2 v10.1  Express Edition you get 8GB of memory. Available memory is arguably the most important resource for good database performance and you now get twice as much memory.

We’ve always been very proud of our XML support in DB2. Well, XML support in v10.1 is even better. XML processing is faster in v10 of DB2 Express-C than it has ever been and you get a boost in performance without changing any code.

DB2 v10 delivers this new Time Travel Query that greatly simplifies dealing with data with the time dimension. Many of you are looking forward to using this capability in DB2 for z/OS v10. Well, now you can experiment with DB2 Time Travel Query without waiting till your organization gets DB2 v10 for z/OS in house.

DB2 can now be used as an RDF triplestore. This subject requires a very extensive post on its own and I am not going to do it justice by even attempting to describe it here. Suffice it to say that if you ever wanted to store a graph data structure that represents relationships between objects you will want to take a look at RDF.

DB2 customers are now accustomed to the fact that they can take applications written for Oracle databases and run them on DB2 with little changes if any at all. DB2 Express-C now includes all of the Oracle compatibility features. In v10, we have greatly enhanced these features to make DB2 even more compatible with applications written for Oracle databases.

I wanted to make this in to a quick post to announce the availability of DB2 Express-C. I did write a longer article for developerWorks. I encourage you to give it a read and provide feedback here.

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