My fellow Canadians will surely recognize the popular tag line for Alexander Keiths Indian Pale Ale: “Those who like it like it a lot”. Well, it seems that it applies to DB2 Express-C. First, DB2 Express-C is free, free as in beer (in the open source lingo).

Those who like it like it a lot

Those who like it like it a lot

It seems that no matter how many times we say it, people still don’t believe that they can can get something from IBM for free. For the skeptics out there, let me repeat, DB2 Express-C is free no matter how you want to use it. You can use it to build applications, you can use it in production, you can use it on the cloud, heck, you can even redistribute it as part of your own application and make money from it … still free. You don’t have to be a non-profit or in the academic community – it is free for everyone. There is no small print and there is no contract to sign and no sales person will call or visit you.

Those who like DB2 Express-C do like it a lot. Here is a nice blog post by a person who has had quite a bit of Oracle and MySQL experience, gave DB2 Express-C v9.7 a try and liked it enough to tell the rest of the world. The title of his blog post is “DB2 Express-C v9.7: very very cool”. The post documents some of the reasons for choosing DB2 Express-C over Oracle but you will find a more complete comparison of DB2 Express-C and Oracle XE here.

If you prefer watching to reading than I recommend watching a short interview with Jean-Marc Blaise where he talks about his experiences with DB2 v9.7.

Analysts also agree that moving to DB2 from Oracle is a smart thing to do especially with the new oracle compatibility functions in DB2 v9.7. Read what Gartner had to say on this in their brief on DB2 v9.7.

Still have not tried DB2 Express-C? Give it a try by downloading it for free or try it on the cloud (Amazon EC2 or RightScale). It is free either way.

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