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The coolest part of my job is the opportunity to work with hottest technologies. I’ve been lucky over the years to be able to pick an emerging technology that I thought was going to make an impact on IT and immerse myself in it. Right now I find myself torn between two areas that I am convinced are the game changers. When I can’t decide what to pick I do both.

Cloud computing is redefining the way IT resources are provisioned. It is a fundamental change in the way the data center is run. Sure cloud computing has its challenges and there is no shortage of detractors. But in my mind, the question of cloud computing dominance is no longer described by the word “if” but “when”. 

The other area that has emerged as the “center of IT universe” is big data. There is a tsunami of buzz around big data with prediction that 2012 is going to be the year of Big Data and Hadoop. The amount of VC money going in to big data, hadoop and NoSQL startups is insane. I know, it all sounds like another tech bubble getting ready to burst. No doubt it is overhyped. Our industry is prone to creating tech bubbles that eventually burst with dramatic effect on financial markets. However, if you peel off the outer skin of the hype, there is still a great deal of real tangible value there. So, I am putting my bets on big data.

On Tuesday December 6 we are going to run a webinar (free) where we will talk about cloud computing and big data. And, since we just released a brand new version of DB2 on the cloud, we will talk about DB2 as well. We are doing this webinar jointly with People who bet their business and careers on cloud succeed with RightScale. We are fortunate to have them as partners in our trek to the cloud and I am really looking forward to presenting with them at this webinar. I also want to make a promise. We will not fill the time with empty marketing messaging. We will focus on good actionable content … stuff you can and will use right after the web. So, stop reading this post and go register.

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