You would thing that US Government would be very last organization in the world to embrace Cloud Computing. After all, we are talking about government here; a large bureaucracy and the but of all jokes when it comes to speed of change or desire to provide good service. Besides, US Government IT systems handle some of the most sensitive and private data that requires the utmost vigilance when it comes to security. This is the very private data on the US citizens, all the data collected by the spooks (I mean it in the most positive way 🙂 ), the financial and regulatory data on the corporations that are the engine of the US economy.

At the Gov 2.0 conference US Government was the poster child for the Cloud. Sure there are a lot of issues being raised around security, resiliency,  interoperability etc. Yet, US Federal Government CIO Vivek Kundra has made it clear that he’s a proponent of the cloud model. You may not think this has much to do with you if because you don’t work for the government. You’d be mistaken. CIO targeted publications, blogs and twitter streams have picked up the stories and are delivering it to your CIO. She may not jump on the cloud band wagon just yet but the pressure is rising for CIOs all over the world to give a serious thought to the way they procure IT infrastructure. And when you have Vivek Kundra, the most visible CIOs of them all, publicly state that he intends to take the most security conscious organization in to the cloud you can bet others will take notice.

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