If you have ever seen Steve Jobs do one of his keynotes, then you know that the last thing you will ever want to do is to follow him with your presentation. And if you have to present on the same day he will be talking about an iPhone or, lord forbid an iPad, you are positively doomed. Well wouldn’t you know it, today, when I had a chance to present a webinar on leveraging the cloud for building and testing database applications, the icon in the black turtleneck decided to do a little press action around the next version of iPhone OS. And if that was not enough, today was the day Tiger Woods tied off for the first time after the sex scandal at the Masters . Lucky me!

Well, is well that ends well. We did the webinar and quite a few people showed up. I guess not everyone is dying to hear about iPhone OS. Cloud Computing can compete with the iPhone and the iPad for attention. Eat your heart out Mr. Jobs :-). All kidding aside, I am happy with the turnout and judging by the evaluations and comments those that showed up were very happy with what they heard. Thanks for your comments and let’s keep the conversation going. You can always find me here on this blog or on twitter (@katsnelson). If you missed the presentation or want to see it again, lame jokes and all (or get a PDF), go here. If you are going to do a replay, I start at 1:47 of the recording.

Apple iPhone OS 4 event

Apple iPhone OS 4 event

If you missed Steve do his thing you can watch all 58 minutes of it at your leisure. Both his message (yes, there will be multitasking in iPhone OS 4) and his delivery are well worth it.

Oh yeah, Tiger Woods did pretty well at the Masters but I am not in to golf. From the bits that I saw on TV it was a bit of a circus with a couple of planes towing some cheeky banners. Maybe the world should just let him play golf. I hear he is pretty good at it.

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