Today is the day gadget heads get to line up to get the new Apple iPhone 3G S. According to media reports there is not the same level of hoopla around this launch as there was for the first two introductions. I am in New York today presenting on DB2 and Cloud Computing. On my way to the presentation in the morning I dropped by the flagship Apple store. I don’t know what it was like for the first two launches here but the crowd is not all that big today. I guess the new version of the iPhone is not as much of a quantum leap in terms of features as the previous two versions were.

Speaking of new version being a quantum leap, today we made DB2 version 9.7 (formerly known as DB2 Cobra to some) available. While not a full new version in terms of numbering (previous version was 9.5.2) it does deliver very significant improvements in many areas. First and foremost, there is a boatload of new functions that make the new DB2 much easier to use and migrate to for anyone who has used Oracle. This applies both to the application code as well as skill. There are also very significant improvements in performance and concurrency. If your company is spending a lot of money on database storage, you absolutely must take a look at the new compression. In 9.5, DB2 could compress data to provide as much as 80% savings on storage. 9.7 adds compression for temp tables and indexes and for many, these enhancements can mean savings n storage costs in to hundreds of thousands of dollars. XML handling has been the hallmark of DB2 and in v9.7 it gets even better with XML now being fully enabled for data warehousing. There is greatly improved workload management and a number of other features that would take way too long to list here. I suggest getting a cup of coffee and watching the Chat with the Lab on DB2 v9.7 features with our IBM Fellow Tim Vincent on

One other curious thing about the release of DB2 v9.7 today. For the first time ever, we released a new version of DB2 as both a standard product and as a deployment on the Cloud. if you go to, and get an account (you can get a trial account free) you will see DB2 Express-C v9.7 on CentOS and DB2 Express-C v9.7 on Ubuntu in the partner catalog. RightScale makes getting on to the Cloud a breeze and it helps you do Cloud Computing the enterprise suitable way. Using these DB2 Express-C templates you can get your very own DB2 server in the Cloud in about 10 minutes. More on that in my next blog post.

DB2 Express-C templates in the partner directory on RightScale

DB2 Express-C templates in the partner directory on RightScale

So, is the fact that both DB2 and iPhone are available on the same date a coincidence? Is there a DB2 on the Apple iPhone? Regrettably, there is no such thing as DB2 for iPhone. However, we do have DB2 for Apple Mac. We have released it in December of last year and it has been garnering a steady following with the Apple Mac crowd. Antonio Cangiano recently did a little micro benchmark comparing MySQL and DB2 Express-C on his Apple MacBook Pro.  He also posted an open source project for TextMate bundle for DB2. If use TextMate on your Apple Mac you will love what Antonio has done. And if you enjoy watching other people do things before trying them yourself, take a look at Antonio’s screencast on Installing DB2 on Apple Mac OS X on So, while there is no DB2 for iPhone, if you are in to DB2 and love all things Apple (and how can you not love those beautiful designs), download DB2 Express-C for Mac OS X and use it as a justification to get that new MacBook you’ve been craving.

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