It is no secret that we in the DB2 Express-C team are big fans of Ruby on Rails and we and our DB2 developers have worked hard to make DB2 a great database for Ruby on Rails programmers. While Ruby on Rails has spread like wild fire in the start-up and web development communities, its adoption in the enterprise has been a lot less dramatic. Just like dynamic languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python are the mainstay of web development, Java rules in the enterprise space. JRuby is a very interesting technology. It is an implementation of the Ruby programming language running in the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). As Antonio Cangiano pointed in his blog, JRuby is indeed critical to the adoption of Ruby on Rails in the enterprise. JRuby makes Ruby acceptable because it runs withing an established and approved Java infrastructure and simplifies integration of the new Ruby on Rails code with a huge body of Java applications that are already present in the typical enterprise environment.

SUN, the owners of Java, thought that this was indeed a good value proposition and assembled a top notch team of programmers who have been making JRuby enterprise ready for the last couple of years.  However, with the impending acquisition of SUN by Oracle, the JRuby team felt uncertain about the future of JRuby within Oracle. So, they decided to join the people who really care about Ruby i.e. Engine Yard. Given Engine Yard’s commitment to Ruby on Rails this is a great move for the Ruby community. We wish JRuby and Engine Yard teams the best.

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