This blog is about free database products in general and IBM DB2 Express-C in particular. For most people “free” means they get to keep their money. Open source people often refer to this kind of “free” as “free as in beer”. The focus of this blog is the “free as in beer” database products.

At times I also talk about “free” as in “freedom”. I really want to exercise some degree of freedom on this blog. I work at the IBM Toronto Laboratory in the DB2 Development organization. I’ve been here for as long as I can remember. Which is equally an indication of my age, or loss of memory with age, and the length of time I’ve spent being at IBM and around DB2. Part of my job is managing the team that delivers DB2 Express-C. As an IBM manager, I have some restrictions on my freedom. I am, for example, not free to disclose IBM future plans. So, on this blog I will be expressing opinions that are mine alone and I will not be speaking for IBM in any way. I will not be disclosing any secrets. By the same token, I will not be giving you the IBM party line either. I will do my best to stay impartial but I have to warn you, I am opinionated and biased.

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