There is a discussion thread on LinkedIN IDUG NA group with a number of people chiming in about how many IDUG (International DB2 User Group) events they’ve participated in. Phil Granger thinks he has done 42. I have had my share of IDUG events but I don’t think I am going to beat Phil’s record. I did present at many IDUG events (well over 20 I think) and each one was a rewarding experience for me as both presenter but even more so as an attendee. I am always fascinated by the depth of the technical content that is exchanged at the conference. It also helps that IDUG has a strict policy against selling, so marketing messages do not get in a way of naked truth.

This  year I will be presenting two sessions. One “DB2 and Cloud Computing: Why should I care” is targeted at DBAs and system programmers. It is a shortened version (I typically take two hours) of a very popular presentation that I have done at a number of venues. My goal is to demystify and simplify the subject that is all too often is cloaked in misinformation. The challenge is to separate the real potential from the hype and to make it easy for people to get started right after they attend the session. This is one of the nice things about the cloud … it can be done from anywhere and at any time. Here is a picture of my laptop on an airplane 33000 feet in the air connected to a DB2 server in the cloud.

Connecting from clouds to DB2 in the cloud

And speaking of the cloud, we just released a new version of DB2 Express-C, our free version of DB2. We did it on the cloud first. Downloads will be available later this week.

The second session I will be co-presenting with Shane Mercer, CEO of Aviarc.  The title “Sneak peek at the future of DB2 application development“. I believe that our corner of IT is undergoing a dramatic change. Hadoop, NoSQL, cloud computing, iPhone, Android and general consumerization of IT are just some of the trends that are having a dramatic impact on how new applications are developed and delivered. Shane and I are on at 8:30 on Wednesday May 4th. We will do the early start time well worth it.

Also on Wednesday we will have “Open Source Software with DB2” SIG a great forum to discuss Cloud, Hadoop, Android, iPhone/iPad, Ruby on Rails, Python and so on … Hope top see everyone interested in these topics on Wednesday May 4 at 4pm in Platinum 7.

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